Learning from home can feel like its going to be boring, but on this page we have loads of fun activities to show you that learning about and creating music is awesome.



On your instrument, compose a piece of music that represents a scene. This could be beach, waterfall, space, time travel or what ever you can imagine!

Music Knowledge
Do you want to learn how to read music or make chords? Download this workbook which will help you become a better musician.

BBC bitesize – Music
BBC bite size have created some great activities for you to do and enjoy, click here

Virtual Instruments
Even if you don’t have an instrument at home, you can access virtual instruments online. Click on the instrument name to access your virtual instrument. Piano, guitar, DJ, Drum

Borough Music Hub
Access the Borough Music resources for pupils who have instrument lessons or those talented. There is a fabulous range of activities for you to get involved in.

Online Music Theory
Challenge yourself with some test or take some lessons to develop your knowledge!


The BBC have create an activity on creating soundscapes! Get involved and inspired, by using visiting the BBC. You can do this by using the instruments you have at home or using the samples they have added. Have fun and get creative.

Keyboard songs

Why not try learning some songs on your keyboard or virtual online keyboard? Don’t forget to send us recordings of your performances!

Click here to access the music

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