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What do I study in year 10, for GCSE music?

Alongside creating your own music and learning how to play songs your interested in, you will be developing your understanding of the different elements of music. By the end of year 10 you will have created your own song, which is your first piece of coursework.

In year 10, we will also be studying the following topics, in preparation for the listening exam. (Worth 40%).

AOS2 – The Concerto. In this unit you will learn about…

  • The instruments of the orchestra, how they sound and developed over time.
  • The development of the Baroque and Classical Concerto.

AOS 3 – Rhythms of the world. In this area, you will learn about…

  • Calypso Music.
  • African Music
  • Samba Music.
  • Indian & Bhangra Music.

AOS4 – Music for Film and Computer Gaming. For this unit we will be studying how music is used in film and computer gaming. We will watch iconic films and learn about the different techniques they use.

African Music

Term 6

Integrated Portfolio

Composition Techniques